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What’s With The Name?

The name, The Faceless Generation, actually has dual meaning for us- first, it is meant to be a reflection of the people we are trying to reach; those who have so lost their identity to hopelessness and despair that they have become faceless- identity-less.
Secondly, our name represents a second aspect of being faceless- that when we do find our identity, it is in Christ and Christ alone, and our faces are no longer our own, but are reflections of Him.

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Freedom Conferences

The FG, through our Freedom Conferences, conducts youth-centered Christian religious services, with a primary focus on living a life free of addictions, empowering them to make positive life choices, and creating opportunities for spiritual growth.  The FG coordinates retreats, conferences, concerts and other events, incorporating Christian musicians, drama ministers, and pastoral ministers. These events are conducted by the Directors of The Faceless Generation Inc., and with the assistance of volunteers from local church organizations. These activities are conducted throughout the year, and have occurred as far north as the Great Lakes region and as far west as Missouri.  For more information, please contact [email protected].

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four.twelve coffee and tea

We proudly announce the GRAND OPENING of The Salvation Army’s new coffee house in Cleveland TN, the Inman Street Coffeehouse, proudly serving four.twelve coffee! Serving the areas best coffee, tea, and espresso based drinks (but we may be a bit partial), we seek to provide the highest quality product and purpose in every cup. Be sure to check out The Salvation Army’s facebook page for more details about their new facility!

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